Academic Approach

Academic Approach :

Our curriculum from Class Nursery to XII, follows guidelines set by the NCERT/CBSE. At Ankerite Pushpa Sriram Academy, we believe the parallel exploration of several subjects makes education more cohesive and the experience of learning, exciting. We also recognize the merits of an activity-based, experiential teaching approach that challenges not just traditionally valued intelligence’s (eg. verbal/linguistic and mathematical) but stimulates the development of multiple intelligence, inherent in each child.

Ankerite Pushpa Sriram Academy creates and atmosphere for your child to develop his/her dream and transform into reality. All round development of the child with an impact of rich Indian culture and tradition is the basic objective of the school. We are dreaming of moulding young generation of students to be good citizens of India and of the world.

Ankerite Pushpa Sriram Academy is a Kanpur based, bench marked learning institution (school)

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