Learning Resources

Learning Resources :

Learning resources are basically a school utility driven by a qualified expert. It contains several information resources and their techniques, which the teacher directly deals to acquire searching skills of information, analyze and evaluate to build a new knowledge and experience, then develop them using several learning methods. It also provides services to, facilitate the useful for both teaching and learning.

The strong connection between learning resources and method, and passing away supporting and cultural general role of school libraries into essential, accurately planned, role to achieve the method and its purposes. Infact the book and printed material become not the only information resource.

Development of educational theories, international tends to self learning, taking in account differences of individuals, make the learner the axis of educational process, and the teacher role change into a leader and facilitator of learning process.

Learning resources concentrate on amalgamation of resources, information and communication technologies with educational practices inside centers

The various centres of learning thoughtfully designed give the required input and enhance the learning process.

There are advanced well-equipped and state-of-art labs and library which provide wonderful research material and audio-visual aid. We have labs for Computer, Science and Maths.

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