Admission Information

Admission Information :

The admission test conducts on Sundays of March in the school for admission into class I to XII. Simple test for English and Hindi and Mathemetics for all classes will be taken. No test will be conducted for admission into LKG, UKG. Admission into PG, LKG, UKG will be conducted on First Come, First Serve basis. Results will be displayed on the school notice board on 01 April, 2020.

Age Limit

For class One is 5 years – 6 months to 6 years +. Age for other classes will be worked out accordingly as on 1st April 2020.

School Timings

Summer Season : 7:30 AM to 01:30 PM
Winter Season : 8:30 AM to 02:00 PM

School Uniform

Student must be attired in a prescribed school uniform while attending the morning assembly,classes and school functions.

Pre-Primary Section

All samples of summer and winter for the pre-primary section would for the pre-primary section would be on the school bulletin board at the start of each season . Parents are requested to make enquiries and order the sets from the authorized dealers in the school only.
Class 1 & above


Boys : Full sleeves white shirt , Steel grey trousers,Mahroom blazer (single brest buttons on opposite side)with school emblem,Warm grey socks (school pattern), black shoes with Laces,School tie and belt, School cap.

Girls : Full sleeves white shirt, steel grey skirt (school pattern), Maharoon pullovers (v-neck, no hand knit pullovers are allowed)(sleeves optional) with school emblem,warm grey socks(school pattern),Black shoes (buckles),School tie and belt,scarf and ribbons (Black).(No fancy clips are allowed.)

Sports Uniform

House T-shirt to be worn on activity Day

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