Teaching :

Learning and teaching is mutual. A keen ‘desire to learn’ is what is taught as curiosity and research is encouraged. Great stress is laid on sharpening the intellect through honing mathematical and language skills and updating general awareness.

Teacher have been trained and oriented for oriented for imparting these values in an integrated manner through the existing curriculum. Separate periods have been assigned in the time table to impart these values through stories, songs, prayers, recitation of shlokas, enacting of plays, quiz programmes, group activities, games, meditation, yoga, computer and different types of adventures. Evaluation of the students is conducted from time to a certain he progress of the children in all these aspects.

The faculty at Ankerite Pushpa Sriram Academy chosen for their creative and effective teaching skills, plays a pivotal role in interpreting and translating our dynamic learning model. Our selection process centers around each candidate’s approach and attitude to teaching and learning. The school management provides the faculty with excellent facilities, resources and customized teaching aids. In keeping with our belief that teachers must also be life-long learners, we commit to a minimum 10 days of formal training annually for every faculty member.

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