Assessments :

In keeping with the inventive learner-centric curriculum, the assessment process at Ankerite Pushpa Sriram Academy is equally multi-disciplinary while formal periodic tests and formal examinations are not conducted for class PG. Very Formal examinations are conducted for LKG and UKG classes.

Formal periodic tests and formal examinations are conduct from classes 1 to 12. Instead continuous assessment is the basic feature of all assessments. Teachers conduct written as well as oral assessments to help improve teaching effectiveness and learning quality.

Class VI onwards, unit tests and examinations are held in addition to continuous assessments. 80% of the assessment are on the basis of class tests, unit tests and examinations, while 20% will be based on project and practical work.

Assessments are based on Class Presentations, Poster presentation, Display, Essays, Written work, Role play, Verbal interaction, Multiple-choice questions, Peer assessment, Projects, Practicals, Short answers, Descriptive Long Answers, diagrams, Hands-on Activities, Worksheets.

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