Chairman Message

From The Chairman's Desk!

It was the year 1997, when I laid down the foundation of Ankerite Group of Companies and Institutions. We entered the education stream in the year 2006. We have Paramedical College for Physiotherapy G.N.M. ( General Nursing & Midwifery) and A.N.M. ( Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery).

Ankerite Industrial Centre, Ronald Industrial Centre, Ankerite P.S. Academy with all streams, Ronald Pvt. Industrial Training Centre and Ankerite Pvt. Industrial Training Centre.

Ankerite International Institute of Medical Sciences has been established to overcome the inevitable demand of highly trained and qualified personals in Uttar Pradesh and across India.

Our infrastructure has given smiles to countless number of families and I have always aimed my VISION- “To solve the world’s problem, let us first nurture the students.”

This year, we add another feather to our wings by starting with ANKERITE AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, that strictly follows the norms of CCIM ( Central Council of Indian Medicine ).



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